Ex-Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins says Helen Milligan is 'too perfect'

Helen Milligan

Former Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins has claimed that she finds current Apprentice candidate Helen Milligan "too perfect". Writing in her buzz magazine column this week, Katie said that the 30-year-old needed to take more risks.

Helen is currently one of the favourites to win the 2011 series of The Apprentice, following praise last week after winning a record breaking £200,000 deal from a French retailer.

Katie, who 'resigned' in series 3 of the show during the final week, wrote: "Helen is too perfect for me. I doubt she's ever peed behind a bush or had to make the choice between missing the plane or making the party.

"Every boss I've ever been impressed with has been a maverick who takes risks, that's not Helen."

However one of this year's hopefuls has caught Katie's eye, inventor Tom Pellereau, who narrowly escaped being fired last week. "Tom still has the potential to do well because he's so likeable," Katie said. "Sure, there's something of the mad scientist about him, but he's also charming, diplomatic and makes good decisions - if only he had the sheer will to make them happen.

"Tom could never offend anyone - he'd give up his place at his own wedding if another man asked nicely enough."

Katie added: "You can't say the same about Jim."

The Apprentice continues this Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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