Fired Leon Doyle backs Jim Eastwood to win The Apprentice 2011

Jim Eastwood

Fired Apprentice 2011 candidate Leon Doyle has packed Jim Eastwood to win the show, saying that the Irish charmer had victory "in the bag". 26-year-old Fast Food entrepreneur Leon found himself being told those immortal words 'You're Fired' on last night's show, following an embarrassing attempt on a task set in France.

He was given the boot after failing to contribute anything to the task, except a (rather lovely) drawing of a teapot.

Asked who he thought was going to win the show in a few weeks time, Leon seemed in doubt who the front runner was. "Jim's got it in the bag," he told The Sun. "OK, he has peaks and troughs, but they can't make him look like the winner from week one or it would be dull.


"He puts the effort in for sure and you don't see everything. There is no one to touch him."

And Leon even went on to accuse the show's editors of making Jim look bad on the show. Nick Hewer didn't seem to be a either, recently saying about Jim: "He's a pretty manipulative character. I find him a bit creepy."

Meanwhile Leon insisted that Lord Sugar had made the wrong decision, saying that it was Tom who should've got the axe. Leon said: "I had what he was looking for. He'd be the brains and the finance and I'd be the brains and the salesman.

"Tom should have been firmer. He was project manager."

The Apprentice 2011 continues next Wednesday on BBC One.

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