The Apprentice 2011 candidates massacre the French language and their business skills!

Tom Pellereau

The latest Apprentice 2011 task leads some of the candidates on a visit to France, but it's not only the French language that is massacred by the teams as they try and sell British designs abroad. With the teams reshuffled and project managers assigned, common sense seems to go out the window...

Tom Pellereau takes lead for Team Logic, with Natasha, Leon and Melody. Susan Ma meanwhile jumps to the challenge for Team Venture, with Helen, Zoe and Jim to take charge of.

The teams are then each split into pairs for the two day task. One pair travels straight to Paris to arrange pitches and appointments with local businesses for the next day, while the other half stay in London to pick products to sell, and it's product selection that will win or lose the task.


"I know absolutely nothing about France," says Susan, "I've never been there, I don't even know any French people, I can't speak a word of French, apart from 'Bonjour', don't know French food. I know nothing."

There's everything from toys to top-end bikes to export, but it is immediately clear that some of Lord Sugar's budding business partners know very little about the French, and even less about what they will buy. To help, he sets them up with a major French retailer.

With products brought on Day 2 the teams reunite in Paris where squabbles quickly ignite over the products that have been decided upon. Things are made worse for both teams with stumbling pitches baffling French customers, with Lord Sugar's retailer looking far from impressed.

Back in the boardroom and there's a surprise for one team, whose product selection gave them some blockbusting sales figures. But the losers face an inquisition and then the verbal guillotine: "You're fired!".

The Apprentice 2011, tonight on BBC One at 9PM.

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