Nick Hewer says Natasha Scribbins needs to keep her legs together!

Nick Hewer

Cheeky Apprentice star Nick Hewer has said that he finds it "disconcerting" how Natasha Scribbins is always standing with her legs apart! The 67-year-old PR Guru also praised Melody Hossaini and Tom Pellereau in an interview with Radio Times this week.

The ever brutal Nick told complained to the magazine about Natasha, saying: “She always stands with her legs apart like she is about to pounce, which I find extremely disconcerting.”

Youngster Tom Pellereau does seem to have caught the eye of Lord Sugar's right hand man however, with Nick raving about the inventor: “From the start he has been thoughtful and made good decisions, but because he’s not a scrapper he’s been ignored.


“They are starting to listen to him now though as he has, on the whole, been proved right and earned their respect.”

Meanwhile Nick also confessed to being a fan of Melody Hossaini, even if the other remaining candidates didn't appreciate her!

He said: “If you consider her youth, she is a remarkable product – very articulate, extremely confident and has no self doubt that I have been able to ascertain.

“The others find her hugely irritating though – which I admit is easy, though I can’t say I do myself – and if she is vulnerable it could be because of her popularity or lack of it, in the house.”

The Apprentice 2011 continues on Wednesday at 9PM on BBC. Radio Times is out now.

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