Glenn Ward fired in the latest Apprentice 2011 task

Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward has become the latest candidate to be fired on The Apprentice 2011 after Lord Sugar tasked the teams to create a new magazine. The remaining hopefuls were challenged with creating a prototype magazine before pitching advertising space to media buyers.

Lord Sugar called the group early at 5:45AM to meet at Fleet Street to set the task to invent a new 'freemium' magazine. The group had to decide on a target market, a name and create a mock-up to pitch to advertisers. The team who brought in the most advertising revenue would win the task.

Before letting the candidates get on their way, Lord Sugar tinkered with the teams and assigned the project managers. Jim moved to Team Venture where he took charge of Susan, Glenn and Zoe. Meanwhile Leon moved to Team Logic where Natasha was put in charge of the remaining candidates.


The teams had until 9PM to create their mock up and the two groups went in very different directions. Team Logic went down a "porn sales" approach, to quote project manager Natasha, with a "business lads' mag". Despite the focus group insisting they wanted the magazine to "raise the tone" of traditional lads' mags, Natasha insisted again that "naked sells" as she set up a "dirty secretary" photoshoot

The magazine, called Covered, split the team, with Helen thinking that features including 'How To Blow Your Load' were tacky. Observing from the side line, Karren said: "I wonder whether Logic have understood that this is a free magazine, they've seen the list of advertisers they've got to pitch to. Are those the type of people who want to be seen next to someone in a bikini and a hard hat?"

Meanwhile Team Venture, led by Jim, decided to target the Over 60s but had a tough time coming up with a name after their focus group shot down all their ideas. The group eventually decided on the name 'Hip Replacement' which was blasted by the advertisers.

Zoe and Jim clashed on the direction of the magazine, with Jim wanting to focus the publication on being "classy over cheap". Zoe however feared the style of the features and front cover failed to reflect the aim of the magazine's 'ironic' name.

In the boardroom the results were clear cut. Team Logic bought in a total of £76,500 worth of advertising revenue - with one buyer wanting to purchase the every page of the 'Covered' publication for £60,000. Team Venture on the other hand managed less than half the amount - at £28,850 - with one buyer not purchasing a single page.

Jim bought back Susan and Glenn into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar, Nick and Karren and things quickly got heated as the trio went over the failure of the task. Jim and Glenn targeted Susan, nicknaming her “Bambi” and saying she should be fired. Susan however hit back, saying she felt the other candidates were picking on her thinking she was young and naïve.

Lord Sugar then gave his views, criticising Jim for his “manipulative manor” and failing to make decisions on his own and admitting his mistakes.

The boss told Susan that her age wasn’t a factor and that she needed to stand up and demonstrate what she had written on her CV.

However it was Glenn’s time that was up, with Lord Sugar saying: “I have never yet come across an engineer who can turn his hands to business… Glenn, you’re fired.”

Speaking after his exit, Glenn said: “It’s not the ending I wanted, he just doesn’t want to work on with an engineer. I don’t know why. I’ve never failed at anything. Well… obviously I failed at impressing Lord Sugar.”

The Apprentice 2011 continues next Wednesday at 9PM

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