Apprentice 2011 candidates tasked with creating a new magazine, with mixed results

Jim Eastwood

Tonight's latest episode of The Apprentice sees the remaining candidates tasked by Lord Sugar to create a new 'freemium' publication. The candidates must create and brand their free premium magazine, before pitching advertising space in the publication to potential clients.

It's a creative corker of a task and as you'd come to expect from The Apprentice now, both teams took on the challenge in very different ways.

Team Venture saw Jim Eastwood project manages Susan, Glenn and Zoe who decided to create a magazine targeted at the 'mature' market. Despite thinking they've managed to fill a niche, the team come to a stumbling block when it's time to think of a name for their magazine.


"Coffin dodger", "Pension mention" and "The old boot" are all thrown around as possible options in a team meeting, while Susan Ma helpfully asks: "What's a term you call an old person?" before suggesting "For the old looking young hearted". Train wreck just doesn't begin to describe it.

Eventually the group decide to opt for 'Hip Replacement'. We'll let you guess how well that goes down.

Meanwhile Natasha Scribbins led Tom, Melody, Helen and Leon in Team Logic, who decided on far more 'traditional' approach to the task by taking an already popular concept in the form of a lads' mag. The group plan a sexy photo shoot for the publication, with project manager Natasha planning a "dirty secretary" front cover.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Apprentice 2011 continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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