Apprentice star Stuart Baggs set for his own reality telly series?

Stu Baggs

Standout star of The Apprentice 2010 for all the wrong reasons Stuart Baggs has reportedly been handed his own reality TV series, despite denials from the telly star himself! According to The Mirror Stuart 'The Brand' Baggs will try to blag jobs in a new Channel 4 show.

The paper claims that the 22-year-old will be given £500 to start him off before being followed by film crews as he looks for work using his famously cringeworthy ­catchphrases, which include promising a field of ponies.


A source told the newspaper today: “He’ll have to find work anywhere he can. Even sweat shops, farms and building sites haven’t been ruled out.

“Stuart’s such a character that, love him or hate him, he will make great TV. And the fact he thinks he’s the world’s greatest salesman will be ­hilarious.”

Stuart was angrily given the boot by Lord Sugar in the interview stages of last year's show, but not one to complain he said: "What’s £100,000? That’s about £65,000 after tax. I wanted way more.”

However despite the rumours, Stuart himself told DigitalSpy yesterday: "Don't believe everything you read! It's just as much news to me as to you.

"One day there's got to be a Stuart Baggs show. No confirmed plans for anything yet though."