Alex Epstein blasts "bulls**tter" Jim Eastwood and "emotionless" Zoe Beresford

Jim Eastwood

Former Apprentice candidate Alex Epstein has slammed Apprentice 2011 hopefuls Jim Eastwood and Zoe Beresford. The Apprentice 2010 contestant described 'Jedi Jim' as "slick" and a "bulls**tter", whilst he criticised Zoe for being emotionless in the competition.

Alex Epstein told DigitalSpy: "It's a funny one, Jim. We all respond to people differently. In many ways, Jim has the gift of the gab. Definitely. However, he comes across as a bit of a bulls**tter, if I'm honest with you.

"I meet people like him all the time. They have a very good way with words and a very good patter, but it's a bit too slick, if you know what I mean."

Meanwhile on Zoe, who just managed to escape being fired in last Wednesday's task, Alex explained: "Zoe is not stupid, but she's the type of person I want to grab hold of and shake violently.

"There is something in there, but she seems very devoid of emotion, charisma and personality. It's almost like she's been drugged."


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