Axed candidate Edna Agbarha says Zoe "fell apart" in the rubbish task

The Apprentice 2011 candidates

Axed Apprentice candidate Edna Agbarha has put the blame for the failure of yesterday's rubbish task on project manager Zoe Beresford, saying that the 26-year-old "fell apart". Speaking to DigitalSpy today, Edna however said she had "fantastic time" on the show.

Edna and her fellow Venture team mates lost by just £6 in the task, with Edna saying: "It's so frustrating, isn't it? To lose by such a small amount. That pays testimony to how well we actually did, considering we lost the pitches."

But despite leaving half way through, the business psychologist insisted: "I had a fantastic time - five wins in a row, had never been on a losing team. I also had a win as project manager in week two in the app development task. The whole losing side of things was totally alien to me! 'We've lost, what do you mean?!'"

Meanwhile on the failure of the task, Edna blasted Zoe for her efforts in the scrap challenge.

"She wasn't a great project manager, there was no direction, it was quite shambolic," Edna said. "Even Lord Sugar said she fell apart. Arlene Philips and Kevin Bridges agreed with me [on You're Fired], that I shouldn't have been fired. They were quite shocked. Her project management skills were very poor."

Saying Zoe should've gone instead of her, Edna added: "I don't normally always point the finger at the project manager, but I think in this case, she fell apart, she was crying. There was no vision, no strategy, and I think a lot of people agree with that."

The Apprentice 2011 continues next Wednesday at 9PM, with the remaining candidates tasked with producing a new magazine.

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