Remaining Apprentice 2011 candidates tasked with taking out the rubbish in tonight's show

Helen Milligan

Tonight's episode of The Apprentice 2011 is rubbish - quite literally. The remaining candidates are first reshuffled before Lord Sugar sends them on their way to turn scrap into a profit, but with none of the candidates completely knowledgeable about what's worth what, the whole thing turns into a disaster.

Given a truck for the day, the teams are given contracts to pitch for in order o take away the trash - but one team's mess up see's them offer their services for absolutely nothing.


It's an all girl lead at the top with Helen Milligan and Zoe Beresford project managing Logic and Venture respectively, but with the pressure mounting it all gets too much for Zoe who breaks down in tears over the task. "I can’t weigh a ton of stuff with my eyes!" she complains on the show.

She adds: "We’ve had the most horrific time ever. We’ve messed the entire lot up.”

Meanwhile Jedi Jim finds his powers of persuasion no good when he and his fellow teammates find themselves arguing with a less than humble builder over one job.

"There's more bags here than when we first arrived, you’ve added to the load, you've changed the deal," Jim claims.

As the row escalates, Karren Brady observes from the sidelines: "They had a really bright start but they're on the brink of losing it."

The Apprentice 2011 continues tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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