Apprentice teams make a dogs dinner out of latest pet food task

Glenn Ward

Tonight sees the fifth episode of The Apprentice 2011 with the remaining candidates tasked with creating, branding and advertising a new pet food. Lord Sugar steps in to assign the project managers but it quickly goes wrong for both teams with arguments over exactly what product to make and how best to advertise it.

In Team Venture, Glenn Ward leads but his overruling managing style gets on the nerves of the other candidates in his team.

Zoe Beresford tells the cameras as the group brainstorm ideas: "I'm feeling really deflated and annoyed about the task. For us to have spent all morning coming up with ideas and for Glenn to come along and just go, 'No way', I think it's a really silly move by him."


Meanwhile Glenn's tagline for their diet cat food product, 'See The Light', receives only howls of laughter from his team. "I don't appreciate you guys laughing. This is supposed to be a business task and it needs to be a bit more professional," he moans.

Glenn adds: "I'm the project manager and when you're a manager you deserve respect from your colleagues. I'm going to be firm but fair on them and make them realise don't mess with me."

But Zoe hits back: "The respect works two ways and when we've spent a morning coming up with an entire concept with the research group and everything, as you told us to do, you cut us off dead within two minutes at the supermarket. You earn respect and that's how it's done."

Things don't go much better for Team Venture, with Vincent Disneur at the helm. He too overrules the team and decides on an all-pleasing dog food.

"My confidence and charisma can overpower certain people. It may be that other people are good, but I think I'm better," he says.

Famous last words Vincent...

The Apprentice 2011 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.


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