The Apprentice 2017 results, contestants, spoilers from Series 13

The Apprentice candidates and start time

The Apprentice Series 13 - 2017

The Apprentice 2017 is back: Here are the contestants, results so far and tonight's spoilers.

The Apprentice Series 13 has attracted applicants from a range of business sectors - from fashion and construction to floristry and engineering - who will have to adapt quickly to work as a team and avoid the boardroom firing.

With tasks including creating a range of burgers, branding and selling robots, to planning a premium corporate experience at a sports event and running a doggy day care, the candidates will be tested outside their comfort zones to truly showcase their business know-how.

The Apprentice 2017 start time

The Apprentice 2017 continues TONIGHT on December 13 at 9PM on BBC One with the penultimate episode.

Lord Sugar will be joined by business heavyweights Baroness Karren Brady and Claude Littner as the aspiring entrepreneurs embark on the gruelling 12 week selection process that will pit them against one another.

Returning to Wednesdays this year, the 13th series of the show will air weekly with the final boardroom and successful candidate revealed in December.

The Apprentice 2017 contestants and results

James White - 26-year-old Business owner, Recruitment Firm from Birmingham
Sarah Lynn - 35-year-old Business owner, Confectionery Company from London

Joanna Jarjue (FIRED - Week 11) - 23-year-old Digital Marketing Manager from Manchester
Elizabeth McKenna (FIRED - Week 11) - 39-year-old Business owner, Florist Chain from Nottinghamshire
Michaela Wain (FIRED - Week 11) - 33-year-old Business Owner, Construction from Bolton

Harrison Jones (FIRED - Week 10) - 27-year-old Sales Executive from London
Jade English (FIRED - Week 10) - 25-year-old PR & Marketing Manager from Manchester
Bushra Shaikh (FIRED - Week 9) - 34-year-old Business owner, Clothing Company from Surrey

Andrew Brady (FIRED - Week 8) - 26-year-old Project Engineer from Cheshire
Anisa Topan (FIRED - Week 8) - 36-year-old Business owner, Fashion PR Agency from Surrey
Charles Burns (FIRED - Week 8) - 24-year-old Management Consultant from Manchester
Sajan Shah (FIRED - Week 7) - 24-year-old Business owner, Event Company from London

Sarah Jayne Clark (FIRED - Week 6) - 25-year-old Business owner Clothing Company from Derbyshire
Ross Fretten (FIRED - Week 5) - 29-year-old Digital Product Consultant
Siobhan Smith (FIRED - Week 4) - 34-year-old Business owner, Wedding Company from London

Elliot Van Emden (FIRED - Week 3) - 31-year-old Business owner Legal Firm from London
Jeff Wan (FIRED - Week 2) - 28-year-old Business Analyst from London
Danny Grant (FIRED - Week 1) - 32-year-old Business owner, Online Retail Store from Kent

The Apprentice 2017 spoilers

This year the selection process will throw the candidates into tasks that are bigger than ever, as Lord Sugar challenges the candidates to prove to him they would be able to grow a business in today’s tough climate.

The Apprentice Series 13 candidates
The Apprentice Series 13 candidates

Lord Sugar explained in the first boardroom of the series: “We’re in strange times now, with Brexit. But be under no illusion, in this process I’m the one who decides who’s going to remain and I’m the one who decides who’s going to leave - simple as that.”

In the latest task of the series, the final of The Apprentice is drawing ever nearer and this week Lord Sugar gathers candidates at Somerset House where the task is revealed.

For their latest challenge, the remaining five candidates faced business heavyweights Claude Littner, Claudine Collins, Linda Plant and Mike Soutar.

They return to grill the candidates on their business plans, CV’s and suitability for investment from Lord Sugar.

The Apprentice, Wednesday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

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