Former Apprentice runner-up Chris Bates thinks Vincent Disneur's time is running out

Vincent Disneur

He came a close second on The Apprentice 2010 after being losing out in the final to Stella English, now Chris Bates offers his views on this year's bunch of hopefuls. Speaking to DigitalSpy about the remaining Apprentice 2011 candidates, Chris said he felt Vincent's time on the show was running out.

"I do find him quite entertaining," Chris told the website, "He is probably the most entertaining character of the series, but probably for the wrong reasons.


"He doesn't seem to contribute much on the business side other than rubbing people up the wrong way - almost literally from what I've heard as well. His smarm offensive is good to watch, but I don't think he's got much legs in the contest. He needs to project manage and have a good week to last much longer."

Meanwhile th3 23-year-old revealed he felt Jim Eastwood was doing well, but needed to keep his arrogance in check. "I think Jim is the frontrunner at the moment. He has easily performed the best so far," Chris explained. "Whether he will actually win the thing, I'm not sure. He's started bigging himself up a bit too much.

"Unfortunately, I think his positive performances have gone to his head and we saw that last night when he described himself as "the cavalry" and his behaviour when Leon tried to take him back in the boardroom and he derided the other candidates. He has an air of superiority about him and he's not been absolutely exceptional to justify it."

Chris added: "My gut instinct tells me that as the process goes on, we may see another side of Jim."

The Apprentice 2011 continues on Wednesday on BBC One.

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