Former Apprentice candidate Laura Moore loves Susan Ma on this year's show!

Susan Ma

Former Apprentice candidate Laura Moore has backed Susan Ma on this year's show following last Wednesday's episode. Moore, who took part in The Apprentice last year, praised 21-year-old Susan for being gutsy, confident and talented after she led her team to victory.

Last week's show saw the teams asked to bring back 10 luxury items for a hotel at the cheapest possible price. Despite a strong start from Susan's team the end result was nail bitingly close, with just £8 separating the groups.

"Susan, I have loved. She's gutsy, she's young, she's very confident and she's clearly very talented," Laura said of the hopeful.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Laura continued: "She's already set up a very profitable business and I'm really happy that she did well last [Wednesday]. She did well to step up with confidence so early. She didn't falter once, so good on her. It's unfortunate that her team made the mistake of paying big prices and going to the wrong places for products, which was the same mistake that my team made last year, but she should learn from that."

Laura was also impressed with top negotiator Jim Eastwood, commenting: "Jim is clearly very capable. He's clearly very good with people. He clearly knows how to adapt and work with the person he's in front of at the moment and has got all those tricks.

"He has impressed me a lot. He's one of the leaders going forward I think."

The Apprentice 2011 continues on Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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