Apprentice 2011 star Vincent Disneur reckons Karren Brady fancies him!

Vincent Disneur

It's no secret that The Apprentice 2011 candidate Vincent Disneur seems to think he's a bit of a ladies’ man, but it sounds as though the arrogance of the 29-year-old is getting a little out of hand! Talking to News Of The World today, the "babe magnet" revealed he felt Karren Brady had a thing for him...

"I am hot stuff, an attractive man, and I had to be careful not to break any hearts during my time at The Apprentice," he said.


"From Day One, I made sure the girls knew I was married and romance was not on the cards," he told the tabloid.

Although Vincent may be able to charm the ladies, he's so far failed to impress on the tasks and has yet to be on the winning team.

Unfazed however, he continued: "I do flirt but it's a business skill. I know Karren had a pop about my flirting but secretly I think she loved it."

Laughing off the suggestion, Karren said: "I find it highly amusing Vincent thinks I fancied him! He's delusional. I've told my husband and he can't stop laughing either."

The Apprentice 2011 continues on Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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