Apprentice 2011 candidate Tom Pellereau left previous job after 'bitter row over £33,000'

Tom Pellereau

Hopeful Apprentice 2011 candidate Tom Pellereau left his previous job after getting involved in a bitter row over £33,000 of unpaid cash, according to the Daily Mail. The 31-year-old left his role at a London investment company before taking part in the Apprentice 2011.

One source claimed that Tom had been fired from the company, however another inside close to the candidate insisted the company had only fired him after he had already quit.

The source told the newspaper: "Tom is adamant he was the victim in all this. He says he left the firm with them owing more than £30,000.

"He thought about going to court to get it back but decided it wasn’t worth it in the end."

A friend of Pellereau, who calls himself an inventor on The Apprentice added: "It was a very stressful and frustrating period for Tom."

Last night a spokesman for the company involved commented: "We don’t accept he [Pellereau] has any valid claim against us."

The Apprentice 2011 continues on Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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