Lord Sugar is an inspiration to everyone, says axed candidate Gavin Winstanley

Lord Sugar

Fired Apprentice 2011 candidate Gavin Winstanley has said that he sees Lord Sugar an inspiration to everyone, adding that you can talk to the multimillion "like a normal guy". Speaking after his exit on last night's third episode, Gavin insisted the boss wasn't just an "arse who shouts at people"!

"I've dealt with people like Lord Sugar all my life," Gavin said. "People from Liverpool are a lot like Lord Sugar, they are honest and blunt, but they are always fair. I think you can talk to him like a normal guy and you don't have to be the brain of Britain to talk with him."


Gavin took charge of Team Logic in last night's negotiation task but failed to command his team, managing to bring back just 6 of the 10 items required. Despite the lack of items however the result was annoying close, with just £8 separating the two groups.

And even though he felt Lord Sugar made the wrong choice, Gavin told DigitalSpy today: "[Lord Sugar] respects you because he comes from a working class background and he's an inspiration for everyone I think. Anyone who thinks he's just an arse who shouts at people, you couldn't be further from the truth.

"If he shouts at you, you probably deserved it. If you do well, he won't give you a pat on the back and a kiss, he'll just say well done and let you get on with it."

The Apprentice 2011 continues next Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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