Lord Sugar switches the teams for tonight's third Apprentice 2011 task

The Apprentice 2011

Tonight will see the Apprentice 2011 guys and girls mix for the first time as Lord Sugar muddles up the teams for the third task of the series. The newly revamped teams Logic and Venture must go out and find 10 luxury items for the lowest possible price, as they aim to take part in a London hotel's grand opening.

Gavin Winstanley takes charge of Team Logic, splitting his group into two and putting Vincent Disneur in charge of the sub-team. However Ellie Reed and Natasha Scribbins, who have moved over from Team Venture, are annoyed by Vincent's management tactics.

"Vincent obviously enjoys the fact that he's leading three women," Ellie says in tonight's show. "I think he thinks he's a bit of a charmer. He certainly doesn't charm me. He's a bit of a Billy Bulls**t."

As Gavin's team struggles to find the required items in time relationships amongst the team become even more tense as the pressure mounts.

Find out what happens in tonight's show of The Apprentice 2011 at 9PM on BBC One.

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