Karren Brady got me fired from The Apprentice, says axed Alex Britez Cabral!

Karren Brady

It seems as though fired Apprentice 2011 candidate Alex Britez Cabral is blaming everyone apart from himself for his exit on the show. His latest suggestion is that Lord Sugar's aide Karren Brady is the reason he got fired - because he didn't hit it off with the businesswoman.

"It can be uncomfortable in the boardroom, especially when Nick (Hewer) and Karren chip in," Alex told The Sun today following his exit.


He continued: "I struggled with Karren since the first task. It's a bit like that teacher at school who you annoy and once you've annoyed them they never warm to you again.

"In task one, Karren said I wasn't involved enough. Off the back of that, Karren had me on the chopping block."

Alex was booted after just two tasks by Lord Sugar after being branded as lazy, but despite spending the first task cleaning up and dishing out soup, the 28-year-old still reckons Karren is to blame for his exit.

"Lord Sugar listens to Karren a lot. He might be in the boardroom but Nick and Karren are his eyes and ears," he told the newspaper. "They're scary. Even though Lord Sugar has the final call, you can bet your bottom dollar what they say will sway his decision quite heavily."

The Estate Agent was adamant Lord Sugar's decision was wrong, adding: "Leon should have left this week instead of me."

The Apprentice 2011 continues on Wednesdays at 9PM on BBC One.

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