The Apprentice 2011: Susan Ma and Edna Agbarha clash in mobile app task

Edna Agbarha

Tonight's second episode of The Apprentice 2011 sees the candidates tasked with creating mobile apps, and it quickly becomes apparent that the boys seem to be gelling better than the girls this year. As the two teams pitch their apps to top bloggers, Edna Agbarha struggles to get her point across.

Edna, who takes on being project manager for the girls team Venture, clashes with Susan Ma in the task. The pair got off to a rough start yesterday, with Agbarha admitting: "As a manager, for me it's very much about being tough. I don't suffer fools gladly."


On Susan, Edna moaned: "I think Susan's style is to really talk a lot and to really explain and to have the limelight, otherwise she will sulk. If you don't like the way that I do things then you need to get out of my team."

However Edna stumbles through her pitch, with Karren Brady remarking: "Edna was given an ideal opportunity to address 500 people and tell them all about the app. She didn't explain how to download it, she did not use her time well enough, [she] really wasted a great opportunity."

The boys team Logic meanwhile also have problems with their pitch, as Vincent Disneur takes charge. However showing a lot more teamwork, Jim Eastwood steps in to help out. Nick Hewer tells the camera: "Jim is in charge when things go wrong. When Vincent dried up, who's in there? Jim's in there."

The Apprentice 2011 continues tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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