The Apprentice 2011: Lord Sugar reveals tasks "will show how to start something from scratch"

Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar has revealed that every task on The Apprentice 2011 "will show how to start something from scratch". Speaking to The Sun ahead of tonight's new series on BBC One, the boss said he wanted to show people how easy it was to start a business even in today's market.

"There's so much moaning and groaning - 'I can't do this, can't do that. The banks won't lend to me, blah blah.' It's nothing to do with banks," Lord Alan Sugar told the newspaper. "It's to do with an expectancy culture. £250,000 is nothing in this day and age. Everyone wants millions. They want to start near the top, not at the bottom.


"They don't want to go through the muck and bullets level, the disappointment, the things that go wrong. Banks won't lend money to losers - and losers are the biggest moaners going."

Tonight's first Apprentice 2011 task sees the 16 candidates challenged with turning a profit on £250 worth of fresh fruit and veg.

Lord Sugar continued: "The difference between when I set up my business in 1967 and now, is the difference between night and day. There was no expectancy. You went to a bank and they laughed at you until you had something. It's got nothing to do with banks - it's to do with you - whether you have any expertise in a subject, be it running a shop, hairdressing, being a plumber."

He added: "Every episode of this new series will show how to start something from scratch."

The Apprentice 2011 starts tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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