The Apprentice 2011: Candidates off to a rough start selling fruit and veg!

The Apprentice 2011

Lord Sugar sets the 16 budding Apprentice 2011 candidates a reasonably easy task in tonight's first episode, asking them to turn a profit on £250 worth of fresh fruit and veg. Of course with so many people all vying for attention from the boss, things very quickly turn sour...

Lord Sugar tells the teams they must "add value" to the fruit and veg, turning it into everything from soup to smoothies, before returning to the boardroom for the tally-up.

Leon Doyle, already exposed as a failure on Dragon's Den, doesn't get off to a great start with his team name suggestion of Team Leontrepreneur failing to win over the rest of the boys team. The group eventually decide to call themselves Logic.


Over on the girls team and it's Melody Hossaini who takes control, saying: “Don’t tell me that the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Even after the candidates are all settled from meeting one another for the first time there's little improvement, with some unable to recognise an orange!

Meanwhile a broken juice sees 1,400 apples painstakingly squeezed by hand.

There's also trouble with the finances, as account Edward Hunter tells his team he has no time to work out margins. "People say you need to work out margins," he says, "Look, I haven't got time for it. I haven't got to show off that I can work out margins.

"Spend £250 on produce, mash it up as quickly as possible and sell it. That's my vision for this task."

Following the boys, Karren Brady tells the camera: "If they don't pick up the pace not only have they missed the breakfast trade, they'll miss the lunch and dinner trade."

And as Vincent Disneur tries to use his charm to sell to the ladies on the street, Karren adds: "Vincent thinks he's a ladies' man.

"He's gone right over to the ladies giving it all the chat and all the flirting. Strangely enough they seem to be quite impressed and they're buying from him!"

On the girls' team - who decided to call themselves Venture - PM Melody doesn't go down too well with her team. Edna Agbarha complains: "The project manager comes right at the end of the day telling us what to do when we have been doing this quite efficiently all day long."

The Apprentice 2011 returns tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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