Lord Sugar promises to expose wannabes who use The Apprentice for fame!

Lord Sugar

The Apprentice 2011 boss Lord Alan Sugar has promised he'll expose fame hungry wannabes to use the show just to get on the telly. Lord Sugar said yesterday that the production team always try their best to weed out the wannabes and conceded that television is a "very powerful tool."


"Some will slip through the net. It always happens," Lord Sugar commented. "The production team at this stage feel that they have got rid of the wannabes out of the audition process. But look, television is a very powerful tool.

"In the seven years I've been doing this, I've had people swear on a stack of bibles that they are here for the job. They've told me that they hate the cameras, that they can't stand being in front of the camera, that they don't want to talk on microphones and it's a load of old b*llocks."When the show is over, the first X-rated... well not X-rated... but when Channel 795 calls them up and says, 'Do you want to be on TV?', they are there like a shot."

And the self-made multimillionaire promised he'd expose those candidates who previously said they hated being on the telly! "When I retire and I'm out of my BBC contract, I'll take some of the rushes and publish them all on YouTube with these people swearing on a stack of bibles that they're not interested," he said.

The Apprentice continues next Tuesday with the candidates given £250 to sell fruit and veg. "The point of that first task was to demonstrate that you can change £250 into £500 or £700 very easily," the Amstrad boss said. "That's the message. On a Monday morning you can go out with £250, but two days later you can have a healthy profit. That's the message we're putting out there."

The Apprentice 2011, May 10, 9PM on BBC One.

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