Lord Alan Sugar hits out at critics of The Apprentice 2011 ahead of new series

Lord Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar has hit out at critics of The Apprentice 2011 ahead of the new series of the show which launches on May 10. The telly boss blasted those that suggested the rpogramme was "rubbish" and didn't demonstrate "real business skills", suggesting they were jealous they hadn't got the job.


"We have to accept that in order to produce a programme that is interesting, there has to be a certain amount of drama," Lord Sugar told the Radio Times this week.

He continued: “What really sickens me is when journalists talk to other leaders in industry and ask them, ‘Do you ever watch The Apprentice, Mr Chief Executive of Large Supermarket/Large Fashion Store?’ and they say, ‘It’s rubbish. If I did things like that I’d be fired! It’s not real business, blah blah blah’.

“Those comments are really, ‘Why didn’t the BBC ask me to do The Apprentice?’ Because yes, that is my style you see on TV. I’m not an actor, that’s the way I do business."

He added: “And the point I would make is that if you look into my companies you will find people who have worked for me for years – there is one bloke who has worked for me for 44 years.”

The Apprentice 2011 returns to BBC One on May 10 and 11 for a two day special.