The Apprentice 2016 winner: How Lord Sugar spoiled the result weeks ago


Lord Sugar spoiled The Apprentice 2016 result weeks before it aired, it has been confirmed.

It was Alana who won The Apprentice 2016 tonight after a tense final task against rival Courtney Wood.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar made his final decision and said: "It’s a tough one, but I’ve got to make a decision, and go with my gut feeling. So, Alana, you’re going to be my business partner.”

After learning of her win, Alana said: “It’s amazing, I think I’m still in shock! But I’m incredibly excited about the future of ‘By Alana’ and about working with Lord Sugar – I can’t wait to get started.”


In the run up to the final, there were reports that Lord Sugar's Twitter actions had given away the winner long before the final.

Fans of the show noticed that it was only Alana Spencer that Lord Sugar followed and he also retweeted messages about her company on the social networking website.

Only after last night's show was it confirmed that it wasn't just a coincidence but because of Alana's victory, which was recorded much earlier in the year.

Speaking to presenter Rhod Gilbert on You’re Hired last night, Lord Sugar said of choosing Alana: “I chose Alana because she went on a great journey. Week 1, Week 2, she looked like she was dead meat.

"But this is what The Apprentice is about, people pick it up as they go along, which she did. Her determination and her business plan was the best.

"She’s a very bubbly, intelligent young lady – I know she got a bit intimidated when I spoke to her a few times in the boardroom, but she came through very, very well.”

He added: “It’s a proud moment for Wales – Alana is from there, and the business will be based there.”

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