The Apprentice 2016 final! First look as Alana Spencer and Courtney Wood go head to head


The Apprentice 2016 final is this Sunday night as the final two go head to head.

After last night's interviews, just two candidates remain with Courtney Wood and Alana Spencer left in the running for Lord Sugar's £250,000 business investment.

Sunday night is the final and the two finalists receive a call summoning them to London’s City Hall.

Lord Sugar informs them that their final task is to launch their business to create a brand and unveil their campaign, in front of a packed audience packed full of industry experts at the venue the City Hall in a few days’ time.

As usual, the past candidates return to lend a helping hand as Alana and Courtney choose key colleagues to try and help them secure the £250,000 investment. It’s then straight to work as they set out to build a brand, make a TV advert and create a company fit for Lord Sugar.

Alana is hoping to launch her own cake company while Courtney is pitching his novelty gift website.

It’s a bad start for one as dithering and indecision threatens to derail their presentation, and infighting on their team puts the TV advert in jeopardy.

Elsewhere, with the other finalist failing to identify a U.S.P. for their business until the eleventh hour it’s a mad dash to be get ready to deliver the perfect pitch.

On launch day, the finalists step up to present their plans to 200 leading industry experts - and Lord Sugar himself - while battling the worst nerves of the series.

After hearing back from the experts, it's back to the boardroom for one last time where business plans are evaluated, and ad campaigns assessed, but there can only one winner.

Lord Sugar's search for his next business partner is over...

The Apprentice 2016 final airs Sunday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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