"Colony Gin?!" The Apprentice viewers lose it over candidates' brand name


"Colony Gin" has got The Apprentice 2016 viewers talking following tonight's episode.

This week we saw the remaining six business wannabes get giddy as they created their own brand of gin.

Each team had to create a new flavour of gin before coming up with a name, bottle and brandname.

The teams then pitched their gins to retailers including Tesco, as well as getting feedback from the public.

Team Titan's creation of "Colony Gin", branded by Frances Bishop for her team made up of Trishna and project manager Grainne, caused quite a stir both in the programme and online.

On the show, both customers and retailers expressed concern over the name while on Twitter viewers were rather more vocal with objections.

""Colony gin"? Celebrating that proud period in British history when we went round enslaving people? Oh dear," one fan wrote.

"Colony Gin? You might as well have called it "Racism Gin"" another remarked.

"Colony Gin: Full bodied with notes of invasion and exploitation." a third added.

Frances' brandname wasn't the only thing that had viewers talking in tonight's show.

After boasting about achieving an A* in geography, Frances' mix up between India and Africa left her the butt of jokes.

"An A* in Geography and you don't even know the difference between East Asia, India and Africa. Oh dear Frances," one viewer quipped.

The Apprentice 2016 continues Thursday nights on BBC One.

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