The Apprentice 2016 results! Who was fired? Another candidate fired in latest boardroom

Who left The Apprentice 2016 tonight? SPOILERS!

The Apprentice 2017 results spoilers lord sugar

The Apprentice 2016 results are in but who was fired this week! Another candidate has left the process...

This week we saw the remaining six business wannabes get giddy as they created their own brand of gin.

Each team had to create a new flavour of gin before coming up with a name, bottle and brandname.

They then got to pitch their ideas to three retailers before potential orders were totalled.

Tonight's The Apprentice 2016 results


Team Titans:
Project Manager: Grainne – with Trishna and Frances
Total raised: £5,280

Team Nebula:
Project Manager: Courtney – with Jessica and Alana
Total raised: £71,400

After their defeat, Grainne was left with Frances and Trishna in the boardroom.

Following a post-mortem of the task, Lord Sugar delivered his final decision to the trio: “Ok ladies look, this is a difficult situation for me here.

"Frances, I haven’t really had a great answer from you as to why you think you have been on the losing side all the time. Trishna, bad moods, having the hump, that’s not the calibre of person that I can work with as a business partner."

He continued: “You’ve had 10 weeks to improve. But Grainne, it is regretful that every time there is an opportunity for you to excel, you haven’t. It seems that you didn’t have much control over the team and so, I’m struggling quite a bit.

Who left The Apprentice 2016 tonight?

“Frances, well, you can talk very well when you’re in here, but I wonder whether you’ve talked as well when you’re out on tasks when you lost eight out of 10 tasks.

"But Trishna, the failure of this task had a lot to do with the colour, and that was down to you, and so it is with regret Trishna that you’re fired!”


Trishna will talk to Rhod Gilbert on You’re Fired on BBC Two tonight at 10PM.

The Apprentice 2016 continues next Thursday at 9PM on BBC One.

But before that there is the Final Five special, airing Tuesday 13th December 2016, 10.45pm on BBC One.

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