The Apprentice 2016 candidates: The final five confirmed

The Apprentice 2016 contestants: Who's left


The Apprentice 2016 final five have been confirmed ahead of next week's interview stages.

There have been ten weeks of tasks and everything from a double firings to a shock resignation has left with us with the top candidates.

Next Thursday night they face the tough interview stages where five will become two, one of which will go on to win Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment and become his new business partner.

Here we profile the remaining candidates...

Alana Spencer

Alana Spencer Alana Spencer
Age: 24
Occupation: Owner, Cake Company
From: Ceredigion, Wales
Stats: Project manager once (one once), winning team six out of ten tasks

Alana is the owner of a baking company and describes herself as determined, creative and charming. She started her first business at age 17, a chocolate company, before moving on to selling cakes. She believes she is an adaptable businesswoman who will not shy away from any task Lord Sugar sets.

She says: “I am incredibly hard working, driven, and I'll stop at nothing to get what I want.”


Grainne McCoy

Grainne McCoy Grainne McCoy
Age: 31
Occupation: Owner, Makeup Studio
From: Northern Ireland
Stats: Project manager once (lost once), winning team four out of ten tasks

Grainne owns her own makeup business and works throughout the country on projects from film sets to fashion shows. She says her hunger and passion push her to succeed and she puts maximum effort into everything she does. She is confident that her self-belief and strong-mindedness will see her through the tasks.

She says: “I need guidance and a little bit of mentoring to help me make that first million.”


Frances Bishop

Frances Bishop Frances Bishop
Age: 25
Occupation: Owner, Children’s Clothing Company
From: Doncaster
Stats: Project manager once (won once), winning team two out of ten tasks

Frances is the owner of a children’s clothing boutique and describes herself as talkative with a feisty personality, which she believes is what has got her so far in the business world. She wants to impress Lord Sugar with her strong positive outlook.

She says: “I’m a pocket rocket. I’m quite fiery and live by the rule ‘kill them with kindness’.”


Courtney Wood

Courtney Wood Courtney Wood
Age: 29
Occupation: Owner, Novelty Gift Company
From: Essex
Stats: Project manager twice (won twice), winning team eight out of ten tasks

Courtney designs and creates novelty gifts which he supplies to national and international retailers. He describes himself as fun with a positive attitude and he believes his confidence is one of his strongest attributes. He says he is not one to sit back and plans to assert his authority in the process. He thinks his cutthroat tactics will help him reach the top.

He says: “How would I describe myself in one sentence? I'll give you one word: awesome.”


Jessica Cunningham

Jessica Cunningham Jessica Cunningham
Age: 29
Occupation: Online Fashion Entrepreneur
From: Derbyshire
Stats: Project manager once (lost once), winning team five out of ten tasks

Jessica is owner of an online fashion company and the Operations Director for a PR and marketing agency. She believes her positive helpful attitude will propel her through the tasks, and says she wants to get close to the other candidates to find out how they operate, analyse their strengths and weaknesses and attempt to use them to her advantage.

She says: “A motto I live by is: there is no competition if you're already winning.”


The Apprentice 2016 continues next Thursday at 9PM on BBC One.

But before that there is the Final Five special, airing Tuesday 13th December 2016, 10.45pm on BBC One.

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