The Apprentice 2016: Was Lord Sugar 'manipulated' by tears in the boardroom?


The latest candidate to leave The Apprentice 2016 has suggested Lord Sugar was manipulated by tears.

After a seventh defeat for Team Nebula this series, Project Manager Paul Sullivan got he axe last night ahead of Jessica Cunningham and Frances Bishop.

Things got very tense between the trio as they fought for their places, with tears from both of the girls while Paul was described as "aggressive" by Lord Sugar.

After having "heard enough" from the candidates, Lord Sugar concluded: "Jessica, I have to think about whether you are a potential winner of this process, I haven’t seen enough so far to tell me that, but I think I’ve seen enough in the case of you Paul to say that, you’re fired!”

Speaking after his exit, Paul said he felt "hamstrung" when the waterworks began.

He explained: "I felt a little bit hamstrung because both the girls started crying, then you've got Lord Sugar, Karren and Claude saying 'You're being aggressive'. That meant I had to shut up.

"Anything I would have said I would have continued to come across like I didn't care and that's not me at all."

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Paul continued: "I wouldn't want whatever's going on with those girls to happen, no-one wants anyone to have any personal distress, but I don't think it plays a part in the boardroom.

"I felt that they manipulated Lord Sugar into a position where he had no alternative. The process lost value for me at that point. It was like 'Oh my God this isn't about business anymore, this is about people's stories'. I don't think that plays an essential part in business."

The Apprentice 2016 continues next Thursday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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