The Apprentice 2016 results: Double exit as two candidates are fired

Who left The Apprentice 2016 this week? SPOILERS!

The Apprentice 2017 sugar

Two candidates were fired in The Apprentice 2016 last night - spoilers from the latest show!

Thursday evening saw Lord Sugar set the two teams their latest challenge which involved selling products at a boat show.

Both teams had to sell a mix of low and high ticket items, ranging from cheap fish pillows and snorkels to jet skis and speedboats worth tens of thousands of pounds.

The Apprentice 2016 results

The Apprentice 2016 spoilers
The Apprentice 2016 spoilers

Team Nebula:
Project Manager: Frances - with Sofiane, Jessica, Trishna, Paul
Low and mid-price sales: £2,580.68
High price sales: £40,480.68

Team Titans:
Project Manager: Karthik – with Courtney, Samuel, Grainne, Alana, Dillon
Low and mid-price sales: £188.90
High-price sales: £0

The winning team went to The Leander Club - one of the world's most famous rowing clubs - and will be met by double Olympic Gold medallist, James Cracknell, for a rowing lesson.

Following the return of the loosing team to the boardroom, Lord Sugar shocked the candidates with an instant firing.

The Apprentice 2016 results
The Apprentice 2016 results

“Karthik, listen to me, there is no excuse, you have been a diabolical project manager - I don’t trust you to bring anybody back into this boardroom. Karthik you’re fired!” Lord Sugar declared.

But that wasn't the end of matters.

After their overwhelming defeat, Lord Sugar asked sub-team leader Grainne who she would bring back into the boardroom, she chose Samuel. Lord Sugar then asked the same question to Dillon, who whilst unsure, ended up volunteering himself and Alana.

Who left The Apprentice 2016?

With Samuel, Dillon and Alana in the firing line, Lord Sugar delivered his final decision: “Samuel, there are so many people who have got, well, I won’t say have bad things to say about you, but there is not many that have got good things to say about you.”

“Dillon, I have to consider whether you are the right material for me.”

“Alana, you’ve got your own business, although you sound a bit scatty when I talk to you in this boardroom. You claim that you’re better out on task - that’s arguable, but the fact is you have had your own business since you were 17, so you know how to do something. So I think for that reason, I’m going to allow you to remain in this process.”

The Apprentice 2016 results
The Apprentice 2016 results

“Samuel, I’m not too happy with what I’m hearing and Dillon, I’ve got this feeling - being a nice guy is not good enough to win this process. It’s a tough decision”

“There is a saying, no smoke without a fire and Samuel, you have a total disregard when being told what to do. Samuel, you’re fired!”

The Apprentice 2016 continues Thursday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

You can catch the fired candidates on You're Fired on BBC Two at 10PM.

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