Soup or soap? The Apprentice 2016 candidates in another ridiculous blunder

The Apprentice 2016

There's a massive blunder in tonight's The Apprentice 2016 when one team mixes up soap with soup.

This evening sees the classic negotiation shopping task but with a slight twist.

As usual, the traditional challenge sees the candidates split into two teams to hunt down a list of items for the lowest price.

But this year Lord Sugar adds an extra element by making them work overnight.

And the sleep deprivation hits hard as - together with language issues - one team makes a huge mistake.

On the search for African Black Soap, they in fact travel miles from central London to find packets of powdered soup.

Another blunder sees the same team mix up a Tagine - a Moroccan cooking pot - with tahini dip.

But not all the mistakes are the candidates' own doing.

One team arrives late back to the boardroom past the 6AM deadline after being caught up in traffic due to a police roadblock.

Once everyone has returned, the team who spent the least cash - including fines for wrong or missing items and late returns - will win.

On the losing team, as usual, at least one will be fired.

The Apprentice 2016 airs Thursday nights on BBC One.

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