The Apprentice 2016: Karren Brady brands Alana Spencer's "girly" negotiations "pathetic"


The Apprentice's Karren Brady branded Alana Spencer's "girly" negotiation tactics pathetic in tonight's show.

This evening sees the classic negotiation task but with a slight twist.

As usual, the traditional challenge sees the candidates split into two teams to hunt down a list of items for the lowest price.

But this year Lord Sugar adds an extra element by making them work overnight.

One of the items were Cuban cigars and Alana was tasked on her team with securing a deal for 10 of them.

"I think feminine charm is never a bad thing," Alana says beforehand. "I'm pretty confident I can get a good deal."

And while Alana does get the price down from £200 to £145, Karren was NOT impressed with the tactics used.

Lord Sugar's aide told cameras: "She didn't use tactics I would, she was very girly, a bit sort of pathetic female... the guy fell for it. God knows why, God knows how."

Later on in the boardroom, Karren and Alana clashed again.

"I was nice and charming," Alana insisted. "We did get a good discount."

But Karren claimed that Alana did little more than "beg" and said: "He wanted to go to bed, Alan, it was 1 o'clock in the morning."

Alana hit back: "I don't feel like it matters how you got to the end point, I thought I was being nice and charming."

The Apprentice 2016 airs Thursday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

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