The Apprentice 2016: So what is a rambutan? And all the other items on tonight's task

Tagine, Lehenga and Rainbow bagels all feature on The Apprentice's negoiation task

The Apprentice 2016

Rambutan, Tagine and Lehengas are a few of the items that puzzle The Apprentice 2016 candidates tonight.

This evening sees the classic negotiation task but with a slight twist.

As usual, the traditional shopping list challenge sees the candidates split into two teams to hunt down a list of items for the lowest price.

But this year Lord Sugar adds an extra element by making them work overnight.

The Apprentice 2016
The Apprentice 2016

And in a further twist, the items are from a mix of cultures to represent London's diversity.

Armed with £1,000 in cash, maps and business directories, the candidates must source the goods and haggle down the price.

But just WHAT are they are after? Here is the full list of items, and just what they are..

The Apprentice: The negotiation shopping list of items!

Rainbow Bagels
Bird Of Paradise (Plant)
American Pool Cue

Rambutan (Fruit)
Authentic Cuban Cigars
Lehenga (Punjabi wedding dress)

African Black Soap
Tagine (North African Arabian pot)
Poster Print of London at night

While some items - such as the bagels - prove trivial to obtain, others are more tricky to find.

Many candidates aren't sure just what a Tagine is and there is also confusion over whether a Rambutan is a fruit or musical instrument.

The Apprentice 2016
The Apprentice 2016

Meanwhile, sleep deprivation combined with a language barrier results in one massive blunder from one team.

On the search for African Black Soap, they in fact travel miles from central London to find packets of powdered soup.

The Apprentice 2016 airs Thursday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

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