Lord Sugar has no plans to rival Donald Trump and run for Prime Minister

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The Apprentice boss Lord Sugar has revealed he's not quite ready to follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump.

Following Trump - who used to front The Apprentice in the USA - winning Tuesday's American election, Lord Sugar found himself being tipped to run for the role of UK Prime Minister.

“We have learned that anything is possible when it comes to politics," said Nicola McGeady from bookmakers Coral.

It wouldn't be THAT much of an outlandish suggestion: It was previously claimed that former Labour member Lord Sugar had been approached to run for Mayor Of London for the party.

And in 2010, The Apprentice was postponed due to the general election as a result of Lord Sugar's then role as a Labour peer.

However writing on Twitter yesterday after news of Donald Trump's shock win in the US broke, Lord sugar said there would be "no chance" of him running for Prime Minister.

Despite encouragement from some fans, he added: "That's the difference with the Uk you can't just put yourself forward as you can in the USA."

Lord Sugar went on to weigh in on Trump's victory Stateside following the pair's rivalry over the years.

"Wow the @realDonaldTrump did it .Unbelievable, he worked the media and targeted the dispondant voter. Its going to be a interesting 4 years..." tweeted Lord Sugar. "Classic example of a great showman at work best PR event ever @realDonaldTrump president.

"Now he has to implement all the promises he made."

Lord Sugar is back on The Apprentice 2016 tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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