The Apprentice 2016 spoilers: It's the negotiation task tonight, with a new twist

The Apprentice 2016 spoilers

The Apprentice 2016 is back on BBC One tonight and here's a spoiler filled preview of the latest task.

And it's a good'un with the traditional negotiation challenge.

But after eleven years of The Apprentice, Lord Sugar has a twist in store for the candidates.

As the remaining business wannabes enjoy a well-deserved day of rest and relaxation, they get a shock in the house as the phone rings.


With only 20 minutes to get ready, it’s off with their comfy casuals and in to their business suits as Lord Sugar requests to meet them at The View on the 69th floor of The Shard.

As the sun sets over London's iconic skyline, Lord Sugar reveals that he is sending the candidates out to work the night shift.

The two teams must stay awake as they're set the usual challenge of finding an array of items and negotiating the best price.

With a tight deadline of 6AM the next morning, the candidates have nine random objects to source overnight. The teams each have £1,000 to spend and the one that comes back with the most cash will win the task.

As ever, there are fines for not getting items, not getting the correct items and for returning past the deadline.

The task isn't to everyone's tastes as the all nighter takes its toll on some, with Karthik dozing in the back of a car.

“I don’t do physical labour. I eat, I drink and I make love, that’s what I do…" he tells his team.

However even when the candidates are awake, little seems to get done.


They struggle to track down items - with one mix up seeing a confusion between soap and soup - and negotiations get embarrassing when one team haggles over a 35p discount.

When dawn breaks, it’s a bleary eyed boardroom but there are no excuses accepted for unlucky candidates who face Lord Sugar’s firing line.

The Apprentice 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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