Gilet or Gillet? The Apprentice 2016 candidates in spelling blunder


The Apprentice 2016 candidates make a bit of an embarrassing blunder with their spelling on tonight's show.

Although to be fair to them, they do TRY to get it right.

As one team brands a cycling gilet as part of the latest task, Trishna Thakrar points out a major spelling error.

“You spelt ‘gilet’ wrong - we’re doing a gilet but we spelt ‘gilet’ wrong…it’s G-I-L-L-E-T," Trishna tells the team, prompting a rush to correct the mistake on their branding.

However Claude Littner later reveals that Trishna's correction was in fact wrong and the team had the correct spelling all along.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar pokes fun at the mix up.

The business mogul tells the candidates: “You know on the crowdfunding website the word gilet was spelt wrong.

“It actually means loose woman and you put it on the internet saying it rides around at night flashing so you should have got a lot more of a response.”

As it happens, a spelling mistake is far from the most embarrassing mess on The Apprentice 2016 tonight.

Half of each team embraces the world of guerrilla marketing in order to create a noisy, head turning PR stunt for their product.

While one team opts for a loud gospel choir, the other decides on a more surprising silent event as they plan a mimed 'hit and run' to stage at Waterloo train station.

Samuel confidently tells his team: "We've got to create a story to draw people in... the best way to do that is definitely by having mime artists."

"I don't think the hit and run scene is the best," Graianne tells cameras.

The Apprentice 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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