The Apprentice 2016 spoilers: Watch cringeworthy PR stunt from latest task


The Apprentice 2016 candidates must come up with PR stunts in this week's latest task.

Cue some of the show's most cringeworthy scenes, ever.

Which is an impressive feat after more than ten years of the show.

It's week five and the The Apprentice 2016 candidates continue to fight for Lord Sugar’s investment in switched up teams.

The two sides must each help an entrepreneur launch their new cycling product and get the public to invest through crowdfunding.

Half of each team embraces the world of guerrilla marketing in order to create a noisy, head turning PR stunt.

While one team opts for a loud gospel choir, while the other decides on a more surprising silent event as they plan a mimed 'hit and run' to stage at Waterloo train station.

Samuel confidently tells his team: "We've got to create a story to draw people in.. the best way to do that is definitely by having mime artists."

"I don't think the hit and run scene is the best," Graianne tells cameras.

Elsewhere in Thursday night's show, the other half of each team are tasked with creating a campaign video, but while one team has an easy ride, the other struggles and the wheels nearly come off the whole video as they battle for creative control.

As the crowdfunding websites go live, there is a shock for one team as they discover an embarrassing spelling mistake and, for the other team, frustration as the site fails to launch as planned.

As pledges of money start to roll in, the candidates are given one final chance to secure big orders as they pitch to a large group of cycling retailers.

It's then back to the boardroom as the campaign totals are totted up before Lord Sugar tells one more candidate 'You're fired!'

The Apprentice 2016 airs Thursday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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