The Apprentice 2016 results: Who left? TWO candidates out in latest show

Who ws fired from The Apprentice 2016?

The Apprentice 2016 results

The Apprentice 2016 results are in and two candidates left in tonight's latest show on BBC One.

In this evening's episode, the candidates were summoned to the Draper’s Hall to learn of their next task. Lord Sugar told the two teams that they would each be taking over a department of the world-famous department store Liberty of London.

The teams had to introduce a new product line to promote and sell in the store as well as run a personal shopping service for some of London’s most discerning shoppers.

Who left The Apprentice tonight?

At the end of the task, one more candidate was fired as Mukai Noiri got the boot.

And they weren't the only one to leave as another candidate QUIT the show mid-task.

The Apprentice 2016 results
The Apprentice 2016 results

The Apprentice 2016 results

Here is just how the two teams did after the task...

Team Titan:
Project Manager: Sofiane - with Alana, Courtney, Dillon, JD, Jessica, Samuel and Trishna
Personal Shopping Sales: £1,264.38
Department Sales: £3,995.00
Total Sales: £5,259.38

Team Nebula:
Project Manager: Grainne – with Aleksandra, Frances, Karthik, Mukai, Paul and Rebecca
Personal Shopping Sales: £1,205.00
Department Sales: £3,172.99
Total Sales: £4,370.99

After their defeat, Project Manager Grainne decided to bring back back Mukai and Karthik back into the boardroom.

Following a post mortem, Lord Sugar revealed his final decision: “Grainne, in this particular task, you were the project manager, you put yourself forward as somebody that knows about retail. The big mistake was that you went with these handbags and you was influenced by other people.

“Karthik, you, like it or not, were shoved into a corner, because they don’t trust you and couldn’t allow the potential loose cannon in the store.”

The boss continued: “Mukai, you’re well-travelled, you’ve been around the world and you’ve lived in six continents. I feel when you talk to me, it’s as if I’m listening to a consultant dishing out advice but never actually doing anything themselves”.


“Karthik, you talk a good game but I don’t see any end product there.

“But the fault lays here with the handbags....

“Mukai, I do believe that you did influence Grainne and I don’t think you have the potential of being my business partner. Mukai, you’re fired”.

The Apprentice 2016 continues Thursday nights on BBC One at 9PM.

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