The Apprentice 2016 candidate quits in a surprise exit mid-task

The Apprentice 2016 spoilers

The Apprentice 2016 was rocked by a shock departure on in tonight's episode.

In a first for the series, one candidate walked out mid-task, leaving their teammates stunned.

While candidates have quit the show before, it's never happened half way through a challenge.

In tonight's show, the candidates were summoned to the Draper’s Hall to learn of their next task. Lord Sugar told the two teams that they would each be taking over a department of the world-famous department store Liberty of London.

Aleksandra King
Aleksandra King

The teams had to introduce a new product line to promote and sell in the store as well as run a personal shopping service for some of London’s most discerning shoppers.

But as the candidates in Team Nebula tried to decide on a project manger, Aleksandra King made a surprise announcement.

"I'm going to leave the process," Aleksandra declared, "I'm really sorry... I just... I'm just... it's not... I'm just not enjoying it."

"Is this a joke?" reacts one of the other candidates.

As Claude Littner watched on in silence, Mukai Noiri remarked: "We're just starting a task, it's not exactly the ideal moment."

But Aleksandra was sure of her decision: "I"m really sorry, I'm going to go, good luck guys. I'm so sorry.

"I have found the process overwhelming, and stressful and really intense. I just want to go home to my husband and kids."

The candidates were forced to regroup before continuing on with the task one member down.


Project Manager Grainne McCoy encouraged her team: "That's a bit of a shock to the system. I actually thought it was a joke - it's obviously not, she's gone. I don't want this to stop or bring us down or dishearten us in any way.

"She obviously didn't feel she was strong enough to be in this but we need to keep our heads together now and get down to work."

Aleksandra will appear on You're Fired on BBC Two tonight at 10PM.

The Apprentice 2016 airs Thursday night on BBC One from 9PM.

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