The Apprentice 2016 results: Who left tonight? Another candidate is fired

The Apprentice 2016 recap: Who was fired?


Another candidate left The Apprentice 2016 in tonight's results but who was fired?

It was Week 3 of the new series and after last week's total failure, every one of The Apprentice 2016 candidates were out to impress Lord Sugar.

In tonight's show, Lord Sugar mixed up the teams appointed the two candidates he believed would make the strongest project managers.

The groups were then set a sticky task: To design and manufacture their own brand of sweets to sell to trade and public in Brighton.

The Apprentice 2016
The Apprentice 2016

The Apprentice 2016 results

In the boardroom, the total figures were revealed...

Team Titan:
Project Manager: Alana – with Jessica, Trishna, Dillon, Courtney, JD, Samuel and Sofiane
Spend total: £429.43
Total Sales: £1,215.09
Profit: £785.66

Team Nebula:
Project Manager: Oliver – with Paul, Karthik, Mukai, Aleksandra, Frances, Grainne, Natalie and Rebecca
Spend total: £207.75
Total Sales: £822.83
Profit: £615.08

After their defeat, PM Oliver went back to the boardroom with Paul and Mukai as Lord Sugar gave his final decision.

Lord Sugar began: “Oliver, I’m taking you on your word that you’ve got this business and that’s why I’m a bit confused as to why you’ve failed miserably here in management, in manufacturing, in selling.”

He continued: “Paul, my two colleagues here put the alarm bells up as far as I’m concerned in that they think you’ve gone into a kind of despondency, but I’ve got no time for people like that.

The Apprentice 2016
The Apprentice 2016

The Apprentice 2016: Who was fired?

“Mukai, you’ve got an explanation for everything but when you kind of add it all up, it doesn’t add up to a row of beans, really to be honest..

“Oliver, your best hope for £250,000 is to buy yourself a scratch card… You’re Fired.”

The boss then sent Mukai and Paul back to the house, but not before warning Mukai that he was “this close” to also being out of the process.

The Apprentice 2016 is back next Thursday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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