The Apprentice 2016 candidates face a rock rolling problem in candy task


The Apprentice 2016 candidates are challenged to make sweets in this week's task.

But one team suffers issues in the manufacturing process as they decide to whip up sticks of rock.

In a preview clip from Thursday night's show, Oliver and Karthik Nagesan are seen struggling to make their chosen product.

Watching on, Karren Brady remarks to cameras: "Sticks of rock are pretty cheap and cheerful, pretty popular but guests what, they're really hard to make."

It's Episode 3 of The Apprentice 2016 this week and after the failure of BOTH teams in the last task, everyone is out to try and win over Lord Sugar.

The teams are mixed up for the sticky task ahead, with Oliver and Alana Spencer project managers as the candidates design and manufacture their own brand of sweets and head to the sunny coastal city of Brighton & Hove to sell them.

Once sweet choices have been decided, half of each team continue to work late into the night in a bid to make sure they have enough products to fulfil orders and to sell the following day

The other half heads out to secure deals from businesses but Sofiane finds his tough sale approach failing to impress clients and Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club in Farmer.

The next day, both teams regroup on the seafront to sale to the public.

As the day draws to a close, the teams make a desperate attempt to flog the last of the sweets and tempers at boiling point one team are left squabbling on the sea front about the lack of sales.

It’s a long drive back to the boardroom. As Lord Sugar chews over what went wrong, it’s not long until the blame spreads like molten sugar through the losing team. But who will be the third to hear the crushing phrase ‘You’re fired?’

The Apprentice 2016 airs at 9PM on Thursday night at 9PM.

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