The Apprentice 2016 candidates go to war as they clash in new task


It's war on The Apprentice 2016 tonight as candidates face off in both teams.

In the second task of the series it remains Boys v Girls as the two sides are challenged to create advertising campaigns.

It's a classic Apprentice task: Given an item - jeans, in this case - the groups must create and pitch a brand, TV ad and billboard marketing strategy.

Over on the Girls team, Jessica Cunningham takes charge but finds herself in serious problems after first forgetting the jeans for the jeans photo shoot.

Jessica Cunningham v Alana Spencer

The Apprentice 2016 spoilers
The Apprentice 2016 spoilers

There are further divisions when Jessica forgets to design graphics for the team's billboard, leading to anger from Alana Spencer.

"I genuinely don't think she knows what she's doing at all," says Alana. "We haven't had any direction, we lost on a lack of organisation last week and we're going to lose again, it's just embarrassing."

The girls later argue in the car as Alana slams Jessica's "disjointed" campaign, but the project manager hits back: "You're coming up with problems to our solutions."

Over on the boys' team things aren't much better when a lack of communication sees them miss the headline for creating their advertising materials.

Later things get tense when Karthik Nagesan demands to play with the edit of their TV advert without the rest of the team.

"You won't let me play it on my own, you scared?" he tells project manager Mukai Noiri, adding: "I'm overruling you."

The escalating row quickly turns into a shouting match as Karthik declares: "I'm going to tell you what I want to tell you and you have to listen!"

The Apprentice 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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