The Apprentice bosses rubbish claims candidates are 'starved and held prisoners'

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The Apprentice bosses have hit back over claims supposedly 'exposing' the show.

Selina Waterman-Smith, who appeared on last year's series, has penned a lengthy piece in the Daily Mail alleging all sorts.

Selina warned that this year's candidates were signing up only to be 'bullied, starved, sleep-deprived, manipulated and humiliated.'

The ex-contestant made claims including that food was restricted by producers in order to create tension.

"Diet requirements, intolerances and allergies, or vegetarianism were simply ignored, despite being discussion with producers who assured we would be looked after," Selina wrote in the newspaper.

She recalled: "I remember once asking a member of the house team if we could have some food in the fridge and her response was 'we went over budget this week, so production won't let us have more food until next week.

"This rationing, starvation and sleep deprivation is not by chance, what better way to ensure fraught nerves and lapses in concentration than by throwing together cold, starving and exhausted, stressed out young people?"

The business owner went on to compare living in The Apprentice house to being a prisoner, and even alleged: "More worrying is that they take prescription medication from us too."

In a response to Selina's claims, a spokesperson for The Apprentice told the Daily Mail: "We take our duty of care to the candidates very seriously, and ensure that all medical and dietary requirements are catered for throughout the process.

"The claim that candidates would be denied medical attention or prescribed medicines, or denied food for effect during filming, is not true."

The Apprentice 2016 continues Thursday nights on BBC One at 9PM.

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