The Apprentice 2016's Michelle Niziol thinks Lord Sugar was wrong to fire her


The Apprentice 2016 candidate Michelle Niziol reckons she didn't deserve to leave the show.

Michelle was the first victim of the boardroom this year after leading the girls team to a loss in a task selling collectables.

It was Boys v Girls as usual for the first challenge, which saw each team asked to make as much money as possible from a van load of identical goods.

“I’m only out just because no-one else wanted to be leader and the blame was put on me," Michelle said today. "I went for the wrong reasons.”

Having spent just two days in The Apprentice's luxury North London house, Michelle quipped: “I’ve had longer girlie holidays.”

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the business owner went on to suggest her rivals were just there for fame and camera time.

"I think Karthik, or ‘The Big K’ as he calls himself, is a very smart man with a massive personality and loves the cameras," Michelle said.

She went on: "Jessica is also very funny and would be brilliant in a reality show.

"Courtney will be the pin-up of the group so maybe he will do a calendar.

"Dillon is gorgeous too – he is a reality show in himself."

We wonder which of them we'll see in Celebrity Big Brother next year...

The Apprentice 2016 continues next Thursday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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