The Apprentice 2015: Vana Koutsomitis' DatePlay set to get funding

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The Apprentice 2015 runner up Vana Koutsomitis has revealed she's set to get funding for her business despite losing.

The Apprentice final last night saw Joseph Valente secure Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment ahead of Vana.

However Van's online dating app based around gaming has reportedly seen a number of proposals, including from some of the industry experts who she pitched to during the final yesterday evening.

"A few of the panellists have got in touch with me saying they want to invest and they want to be involved in my business, so I know I did a good job there and I know that my idea did resonate with the audience," she said following the final.

Vana added to the DigitalSpy website: "It's the same as dating. Maybe one of your boyfriends doesn't work out, but that doesn't mean you're not going to find the love of your life.

"That's how I feel about the situation with Lord Sugar. Just because I'm not Lord Sugar's business partner, it doesn't mean that I'm not going to find the right investor for me."

Meanwhile, Vana told The Sun newspaper: “I feel like me and Joseph won.

“I am so excited for what the series has enabled me to do.

“The dream with DatePlay is to be on the same playing field as Tinder and Hinge.

“I’m also going to continue mentoring at Young Enterprise and try to inspire young people.”

While Vana pitched a dating app to Lord Sugar, Joseph's business was based around plumbing and renewable tech.

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