The Apprentice 2015: Karren Brady hits back at Selina Waterman-Smith and fix claims

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Karren Brady has hit back at Selina Waterman-Smith's claims that The Apprentice is fixed.

The former candidate, who was fired in Wednesday night's show, had claimed in one of many outbursts against the show: “The finalists are picked from the start, the whole show is fixed and set up.”

A spokesperson for The Apprentice dismissed the accusations and Karren has now also rubbished the remarks.

She said this week: "When I go into the board room with Alan and Claude and we have a task I don’t know who is going so I can assure you there is nothing fixed about The Apprentice.

“The whole process is organic - there is no autocue or scripts it all evolves as it happens and I don’t know how anyone can say it’s fixed."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Karren added: “Alan is the sole decision maker - it’s his personal money that he puts into the business and he goes into partnership with them 50/50 and our job is to advise and that’s a huge responsibility.”

Meanwhile Selina's comments have also attracted criticism from her fellow candidates with Brett Butler-Smythe claiming if there was any special treatment shown it was towards her.

He suggested that show producers "mollycoddled" the events manager after she threatened to quit the series.

Brett told The Sun: “She has portrayed herself as a victim who has been neglected by the production team - but she was the one who was mollycoddled. They bent over backwards to aid her through the process.”

The Apprentice 2015 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.

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