The Apprentice 2015 results: Girls in chaos as another gets fired

Who left The Apprentice tonight?

The Apprentice 2015 results

Here's the results from tonight's latest episode of The Apprentice 2015 as another candidate left after being fired by Lord Sugar.

This evening it was Boys v Girls on the teams again as the two groups went head to head on the traditional negotiating task.

Each team had a total of nine items they had to purchase for the lowest possible price with half of each team in France on the hunt for the products on Lord Sugar's list.

In the boardroom and there was a clear winner.

The Apprentice 2015 results

Team Versatile (the boys)
Project Manager: Joseph - with Brett, David, Gary, Mergim, Richard, Sam and Scott
Spent: £336.83
Total after fines: (for not buying snails) £409.21

Team Connexus (the girls)
Project Manager: Vana - with April, Charleine, Elle, Jenny, Natalie, Ruth, Selina and Vana
Spent: £398.44
Total after fines: (for not buying the mussels or mirror and buying the wrong cheese) £725.90

While the guys got to enjoy French wine tasting, the ladies faced Lord Sugar and his aides in the boardroom.

Karren Brady, who had been watching over the girls, described their approach as a "tale of woe" and concluded they had been a "shambles".

After her team's defeat, PM Vana brought back back Elle and Jenny into the boardroom.

Following a postmortem, Lord Sugar revealed his final decision: "Elle, I think that you went against your own instincts. That boat was far too expensive, you’d sussed it out but you let somebody else talk you out of it.

"Jenny, you didn’t buy anything and quite frankly, all I’ve heard from you is excuses why this didn’t work and why that hasn’t gone well.

"Vana, you’ve taken responsibility for everything that’s gone wrong so therefore you should be fired today."

The boss concluded: "I’m struggling here.

"Vana it’s hard for me to justify how you can remain in because of this task but Jenny, I’ve yet to see any kind of actual achievements or anything that one can actually pin down to you and say that was very very good so I’m having less of a problem here…Jenny…You’re Fired"

The Apprentice 2015 results

Jenny will talk to Jack Dee on You’re Fired! on BBC Two RIGHT NOW!

The Apprentice continues next Wednesday 28th October, 9pm on BBC One and BBC One HD

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