The Apprentice 2015: Girls get catty in latest task

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The female contestants get bitchy on The Apprentice 2015 tonight as the candidates head to France on their new task.

This evening sees The Apprentice's traditional negotiation challenge with the two teams tasked with hunting down nine items for the cheapest price.

In an extra twit, Lord Sugar sends the business wannabes to France in a move that causes all sorts of problems from the language barrier to catching the last ferry back to Blighty.

The Apprentice 2015

Things on the Girls team don't go well from the off as Both Elle Stevenson and Vana Koutsomitis showdown over which one of them will be Project Manager.

Vana argues her fluent French skills make her the ideal person to lead the task: "It will be a tool we can use quite well on the ground. I have negotiating skills from where I worked in a bank too."

But Elle reckons her work on a construction site could be just as useful: "I would like to put myself forward as well. I actually work in construction and my job is making sure people are where they need to be and doing what they need to do."

It's put to a vote and immediately leads to tensions between the two ladies.

Later on and Vana clashes with another of her team-mates as tempers flare with Selina Waterman-Smith over a mirror.

With fines for not getting items, Selina fears missing the mirror could cost the team but Vana snaps: "We know that [it might be pricey] Selina, but the problem is, the mirror is harder to find."

She adds: "Are you suggesting we have an option of finding a mirror right now?'

The remarks lead the pair to bicker as the girls continue on the hunt for products with Vana concluding: "I just don't like questions that make no sense. Sorry."

Things don't stay calm for long as another row leads Selina to complain: "What were you saying earlier about not being catty? There are no need for comments like that Vana."

The Apprentice 2015

The day then goes from bad to worse for the girls as they end the challenging shoveling horse manure in a bid to save cash and catch the ferry home.

The Apprentice 2015 airs tonight from 9PM on BBC One.

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