The Apprentice 2014 result: Felipe Alviar-Baquero defends 'genius' skeleton idea

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Axed Apprentice 2014 candidate Felipe Alviar-Baquero has defended his 'genius' and controversial idea... that got him fired.

Last night's latest show sparked so-called Skeletongate after Felipe tried to outsmart Lord Sugar in the traditional negotiation task.

The two teams had to collect nine items at the cheap possible price, with one being an anatomical human skeleton.

Felipe thought he was getting a great deal with a build it yourself paper model, but it didn't win over Lord Sugar.

Speaking after his exit, Felipe said: "I tried to defend it a number of times but when it came to it Lord Sugar is 'I'm the judge, I'm the jury and discipline court'.

"I couldn't say anymore.

"It got to the point where I had to stop, he wasn't going to take it as something he would approve."

Felipe revealed how his team mates branded his idea "genius" and were right behind him until the boardroom.

"A lot of the guys thought I was a genius… for about ten hours," he said. "Everyone was like 'you are a genius'. We spent £14 when we could have spent £200. I honestly thought it was a genius idea."

But the lawyer insisted he didn't have any bad feelings after his teammates turned on him in the boardroom.

Felipe said of project manager Daniel Lassman, who avoided the axe despite a fourth appearance in the boardroom: "He backed me up and as I said they all thought I was a complete genius the whole way through."

He added: "We made the decision, he didn't like it and I'm fired."

The Apprentice 2014 airs Wednesday nights on BBC One.

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